A skip is a large waste container with an open top. The purpose of this extra-large bin is to discard larger waste items from your home, load them onto a special lorry to take them away. 

You can put most of your general household junk into the Skip as far as it is not hazardous such as asbestos, oil, petrol or diesel, TVs, LED monitors, explosives, asbestos, fridges, solvents, etc.

The answer to that is no – just because you see something in a skip does not mean it is necessarily a waste. If the Skip is sitting on a public road, trespassing will be next to impossible. However, the items within the Skip will still be under the ownership of the person who hired the Skip until the hiring company tows the waste away. 

You can keep a skip for one day to a maximum of 14 days. However, if you wish to keep it longer, there is no law against it. You may have to pay extra, so ask your hiring company about the additional charges in case you exceed the 14 days time period. Plus, if the Skip is sitting on the road, you must check the time duration allowed on your permit.

No, because it can cause a lot of problems for the people hiring the Skip and the hiring company itself. Most importantly, you could face legal actions if someone catches you putting your waste into someone else’s Skip.

These include television sets, computer monitors, tyres, asbestos, paint, paint tins, fridges, couches, batteries, plasterboard, gas cylinders, solvents, liquid bottles, medical waste, and fluorescent tubes. Speak to the advisor of the hiring company if there are any specific items they do not allow you to put in a skip.

Generally, you can make a payment online at the time of hiring the Skip. The cost you pay will include the cost of hire, delivering the Skip, and collecting it. You may have to pay additional payments, which may include permit costs, equipment hire, or even charges. Typically, you will pay this additional money over the phone when speaking to the hiring company’s advisor.

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