how much does it cost to hire a skip?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Skip?

The price to hire a skip doesn’t have to be expensive, so ensuring you go with the right company is important.

What determines the cost of hiring a skip?

The cost of skip hire of course depends on the company you decide to go with, as each company will charge their own individual prices. But the main factor which goes into deciding these prices is the size of the skip and how long you intend to keep it for.

Why does the size of the skip change the price of the cost?

The prices vary per size due to a couple of different factors

  • The bigger the skip, the more waste that will need to be disposed of
  • A bigger skip may need a specialised vehicle in order to get it where it needs to be

How can I be sure to get the best price?

You don’t need to, we do it for you! We use our panel of trusted partners to ensure that you get a skip hire company that is highly rated based on the level of service they provide alongside the prices they charge. So when you decide to hire a skip through SkipScanner you can guarantee you’ll receive the best prices and the best service.

What else can affect the cost of skip hire?

There are also a couple of other things that can affect the cost of hiring a skip.

  • Permit: Depending on where you need the skip to be placed, you may require a permit in order to have it placed in the allocated spot you have requested. The skip hire company will confirm this information with you before booking your date of skip hire. So you can be sure that when you receive your skip, you’ll have the right to have it placed where you want it, without having any legal issues.
  • Time: How long you decide to keep the skip can also increase the cost of skip hire. Typically a company will give you a length of time that you can have the skip for before they wish to collect it. But if for whatever reason you think you’ll need it longer, most skip hire companies will allow for you to extend the time you can have the skip at an extra cost.

Putting hazardous waste into the skip

If you place a hazardous item in the skip, you may be susceptible to further charges from the skip hire company. The reason being is due to the fact hazardous items need to be disposed of correctly, which isn’t the same way as rubbish that is intended for general skips.

The company could be charged when they dispose of your waste at the correct facility and the hazardous item is flagged up, they may bring the item back to you, or they dispose of it themselves correctly. Either way they incur a fee or waste their time through no fault of their own. So to avoid extra fees, please do not put hazardous waste into the skips.

See this article for what contents can and cannot be placed into skips.

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