how long can you keep a skip?

Quickly and easily declutter your garage or attic space

Reason to have a declutter

An all-too-common summer scenario involves a family going through their belongings in search of beach gear, paddling pools, or outdoor play equipment, only to discover vast amounts of clutter in the loft or garage that they no longer use. Some of this may be given away to friends, while others may be collected for a garage sale. But much of what you will find up there, ranging from old furniture to crates of old garbage, will be of little use to you and will take up too much valuable room. In this manner, begins the great summer clean up, with the potential of a huge mountain of garbage accumulating and numerous trips to the local dump.

Hiring a skip

You can, on the other hand, take the easier road and hire a skip, which will quickly and effectively address this problem in a single delivery and removal. This enables you or your family to do a thorough clean-out of all sections of the house without having to worry about the ugly accumulation of years’ worth of not-quite-discarded stuff accumulating on the floor. We can bring a skip of any size, ranging from two to sixteen feet in length, to your property and pick it up when you are finished using it. Waste will be removed for recycling where possible, however, please keep in mind that we are unable to remove vehicle tyres, refrigerators, or asbestos-containing products.

We may leave the skip on your property if you don’t have a driveway or front garden, and we can arrange a road permit with the council on your behalf. We also offer 6 and 8-yard skips with easy access doors, so you don’t have to risk back injury by throwing your waste over the side. We can supply the perfect skip for you in the Bristol or Bath area at cheap rates, making that summer clear out less of a burden. Whether it’s your yard, shed, or outhouse that needs clearing out, we can provide the right skip for you at competitive rates.

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