what can you put into the skip?

What Can You Put Into The Skip?

Most household items that are considered rubbish or refuse can be put into a skip. This includes but is not limited to furniture, carpets, light fittings, building materials and anything else that can be recycled. The skip hire company will make sure your items are disposed of responsibly and with the least amount of landfill impact as possible.

Some things cannot be put in a skip; this includes hazardous materials, liquids and gases. These need to be disposed of separately through other means.

What hazardous items cannot be put in a skip?

Different items and materials can be put in a skip and each of them requires a certain type of disposal process.

The different types of hazardous waste that cannot be disposed in a skip includes: household chemicals, pesticides, paints, cleaning products and other solvents.

I Accidentally Put A Hazardous Item In the Skip: What Should I Do?

If you have thrown a hazardous item in the skip by mistake or you weren’t aware of what was classed as a hazardous item before looking online, you should:

A. If you can safely remove the hazardous item, please do so and arrange other means of disposing of it. B. You should notify the skip hire company when they come to collect the skip that you put a hazardous item in there so they can attempt to remove it.

Please note they are not obligated to then dispose of this item for you, it is your responsibility to dispose of it appropriately.

What Happens If I Leave A Hazardous Item In The Skip?

If you fail to follow the instructions above when you’ve placed a hazardous item in there, you may be susceptible to further charges from the skip hire company. The reason for this is due to hazardous items needing to be disposed of in the correct way, which isn’t the same way as rubbish that is suited for skip hire and disposal.

This means that the company could be charged when they dispose of your waste at the correct facility and the hazardous item is flagged up, they may bring the item back to you, or they dispose of it themselves correctly.

Either way they incur a fee or waste their time through no fault of their own. So to avoid extra fees, please do not put hazardous waste into the skips.

What Are Typical Items That Are Okay To Go Into The Skip?

Items typically put in the Skip are things that are not hazardous or toxic. These include garden waste, old furniture, toys, paper and cardboard boxes just to name a few. It is common for these items to be transported by someone who has the appropriate license to do so.

The skip is then emptied by the company who have the appropriate license to transport and dispose of these items.

Do I Have To Organise Different Types Of Materials/Items Accordingly In The Skip?

No, you do not have to organise the way that different items or materials are placed in the skip, all items that are appropriate to be in the skip will be disposed of at the same place, so it makes no difference whether you group similar types of materials/items together.

Although there isn’t a need to organise/group specific materials and items together, it would be wise to place things strategically so that you can make the most of your skips volume.

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