when and how do you pay for the skip?

When and How Do You Pay For The Skip?

At SkipScanner we’ve noticed one of the most common queries we get is customers asking when and how they pay for the skip, so we thought we’d create an article that outlines the process of hiring a skip.

Our Process

At Skip Scanner we pride ourselves on the service we provide and also the companies we are partnered with to make hiring a skip a pleasant and efficient process. 

When you fill out your requirements online we have one of our experienced team members look into the details and assess: what skip size you need, the location of the skip to be delivered, how long you need the skip for and the items you intend to fill it with.

Once we have this key information, we then use our in-house system which has a panel of skip hire partners who we trust and choose based on their level of service. 

After deciding which of our partners would be the most appropriate for your needs, we pass on your details so they can get in touch with you and discuss further details like e.g. the intended allocated spot for the skip and also if a permit may be required.

The skip hire company will then give you the option to either pay over the phone, directly via their site or via a payment portal sent to your email.

When do you pay for the skip?

The skip hire payment can be made on the same day that you discuss and confirm final requirements with the skip company. Once all key information has been discussed and there are no concerns, the skip hire company will arrange your date and request for payment. 

Please note that the skip hire company will only hold an allocated delivery slot for 24 hours, if you do not submit payment within that time zone they will remove your slot. This method is used to avoid time wasters and for preventing other people who have a serious urgency for a skip being disappointed.

How Do You Pay For The Skip?

The payment for the skip totally depends on the skip hire company being used. All of our partners are reviewed and selected carefully so that you’re only put in contact with a company who takes payments as the bare minimum via card securely. 

The company’s payment options may vary from paying directly on their site, over the phone, or via a payment portal sent out by email. 

Please note: Some may take cash on arrival but we cannot guarantee this. As mentioned above our partners tend to take payment beforehand in order to secure a booking date/time slot for the delivery of the skip.

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