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When would I need a permit for skip hire?

When purchasing a skip hire that is going to be put onto a public highway you need will need to inform the local council and in order to hire a skip, you will need a permit from the council.

Skip permits are required from local authorities in order to hire a skip. You can go online and apply for a permit or you can speak with your local council for more information.

When do you need a Skip Permit and what does it entail?

A skip permit is needed when you are hiring a skip. It is usually obtained from the council in the area you are operating in, and they will give you a license to have your skip on their land for a day.

Skip permits are not always needed, it depends on where you want to place your skip or if there are any restrictions in that area.

A skip permit from the local council is required before you place a skip on any public highway or road (including a pavement). Because skips take up space and can disrupt parking and traffic flow, skip licenses are in place to limit how many are placed on the road.

You could face a fee if you don’t have a skip permit, and the skip could be taken at any time. If you place a skip on private property, such as your driveway, field, or private road, you do not need a permit.

What is the duration of a skip permit?

Depending on the council, a skip permit usually lasts one or two weeks. Most councils may extend this initial term (for a cost), so contact them ahead of time if you require more time. You may be fined if you keep a skip for longer than the duration authorised by your permit.

What is the price of a skip permit?

The price of a skip licence varies based on your location in the United Kingdom. The average cost is in the region of £30. The permit fee is added to the overall hire rate when the skip provider arranges the permit on your behalf. On top of that, some companies charge a minor administrative fee. 

What is the time frame for obtaining the permit?

A council usually takes a few days to process a skip permit application. When selecting when to purchase your skip and when you need all of your rubbish ready, it’s critical to factor in this extra time. The length of time it takes to get a permit is determined by the council and how busy they are. If speed is of the essence, a man and van waste removal service may be preferable because it can typically be completed within 24 hours of scheduling.

Is a permit required if your skip is parked on your driveway?

Although a council permit is not required if the skip is placed in your driveway, you may still need permission from your landlord (check your lease) or anyone else who shares that drive (eg. neighbours). If they aren’t keen on giving you permission, you could always try to persuade them by offering them the opportunity to share the skip with you!

What about skip parking suspension fees?

If a skip is put in a controlled parking zone (CPZ), such as a residents parking bay or pay-and-display metered parking, you will need to arrange and pay for a parking bay suspension in addition to the skip hire permit fees.

Each municipality has its own set of fees. They can cost as much as £99 per day in some parts of London, but others are entirely free. The fee is usually levied on a daily basis. Our survey of London skip permit prices provides more information.

How do I find out if my neighbour’s skip has a permit?

Perhaps your neighbour has placed their skip inconveniently outside your house, or it has been there for months, and you’re not sure what’s going on or if the skip is legal. Some councils, such as Richmond Council, have a useful tool on their website that allows you to key in a street address to discover if it has a valid license.

So, if you’re concerned about your neighbours’ skips, check to see whether your local government offers a tool like this. Alternatively, if nothing is listed on their website, you can call them and they may be able to assist you.

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