where can you put the skip?

Where Can You Put The Skip?

What is a skip?

A skip is a temporary storage container that you hire to store your building, demolition, or general household waste (that is permitted, see guide on what can be put in a skip). You can hire skips for various time periods and have them collected once you have filled it with everything you wanted to get rid of, or simply when it is full and need a new one brought out to you.

Skip hire can sometimes be expensive if you’re not searching for the best prices. If you’re not sure how much waste you will need to dispose of, it can be more cost effective to hire a bigger size than the initial one you intended to hire. (the cost of the next skip up will be cheaper than requiring to order the same size twice)

Where Can You Put The Skip Once Its Been Hired?

There are lots of different places that you can put your skip. You can put it in a secure yard, behind a house or place it on the side of the road. Depending on where you decide to place your skip, there may be a permit requirement. The skip hire company you use will be able to arrange this for you if necessary.

How Do I Know Whether My Allocated Spot For The Skip Is Suitable Or Not?

If it’s your first time hiring a skip and may be unsure of whether the place is suitable for the skip, the skip hire company can discuss this over the phone for peace of mind. As industry experts they will have the knowledge to know whether the area you’re describing sounds suitable for a skip to be placed.

The Intended Area For The Skip To Be Placed Isn’t Suitable: Now What?

The skip hire company will come to the location of your choice, assess the area that you intended for the skip to be and determine whether or not this place is suitable for the skip. The assessment is required in order to avoid blocking off other people’s access or making it difficult for pedestrians & drivers to get past.

Ensuring you describe the intended area for the skip to be placed as accurately as possible will ensure an efficient skip delivery and prevent returns. (Returns will occur if there is simply no suitable area for the skip to be placed that is near your location).

I Changed My Mind On Where I’d Like The Skip To Be Placed: What Should I Do?

If you have changed your mind on the area you’d like the skip placed in, you should contact the skip hire company as soon as possible to make them aware of this before the delivery of the skip. A skip is a big item and can sometimes be a pain to manoeuvre around with, especially with a larger sized skip.

Ensuring that you have given the skip hire company a heads up before delivery with the change of area allows them to adjust accordingly and make for an efficient delivery.

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