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Which skip is best for me?

A skip is a container that you put your garbage into. Skips are usually made of steel or plastic. There are several different types of skips that have different features to offer.

There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding which skip is best for you, but the most important factor for most people would be how much space it takes up in your home, as this will affect how often you need to hire a skip-hire company to take your trash away. 

2 yards skip – 1.5 cubic meters – our smallest size

Mini skips are an innovative means of disposing of the garbage from a variety of sources.

The advantages of mini skips are that they can be used to dispose of both wet and dry waste, there is no need for a permit as they are engineered for on-site use, they hold around 20 bin bags and they can handle a number of sources such as general household waste, rubble from house clearances, wood from dismantle jobs and so on.

4 yards skip (3 cubic meters)

Nowadays, there are many skip bin sizes for hire. The most popular skip bin size is 4 yards, which can hold up to 3 cubic metres of waste. this hold around 30 bin bags, great for home DIY jobs and clearing up around the house.

It is important that you get the right-sized skip bin for your needs; otherwise, you will end up with a large and unusable amount of waste and the company will charge you more.

6 yards skip (4.5 cubic meters)

There are many things to consider when picking the size skip for your needs. Different sized skips are available in the market, but for a 6 yards skip; the most residential used skip. This can hold around 45 bin bags great for large household cleanups and small commercial cleanups.

The 6-yard skip is the most common size of skip available in the market. It has an internal volume of 6.5 cubic metres and its dimensions are 2.16 metres long, 1.22 metres wide and 1 metre high. The 6-yard size of skips is perfect for most large private house clearances and garden waste disposal, but it can also be used for larger commercial projects too.

8 Yards skip (6 cubic meters)

When you need a skip that is large enough to take a significant amount of waste, but not too large.

A 6 cubic metre skip may be the perfect option. It’s large enough to take all your waste from a small house renovation, but still small enough to be manoeuvred in tight spaces around your property.

Every skip company has their own terms and conditions. It is important to know what your needs are before deciding between a roll-on or a roll-off skip.

For small projects, a roll-off or tipper skip is the best option. Roll-on skips are better for medium-sized projects, but if you have large residential projects such as full house renovations, then go for a roll-off or tipper skip such as the 8 yards skips we can provide you with at SkipScanner.

10 Yards skip (7.65 cubic meters)

The 10-yard skip is an economical skip that is suitable for all types of projects. It’s the perfect choice if you’re not sure what size of skip your project will require.

The smaller size can be a good option for someone who doesn’t want to pay the high prices that come with larger skips. The 10-yard skip holds around 80-100 bin bags, which means it’s great for all projects, both residential and commercial.

12-yard skips (9.18 cubic metres)

To decide which skip size is best for you, you should first decide what kind of rubbish you want to dispose of.

A general rule of thumb is that the more rubbish there is, the bigger the skip you should hire. However, if your junk doesn’t exceed 100-120 bin bags then a standard 12-yard skip will work just fine.

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